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Hi All!

I'm a newbie to any kind of fertilizers in aquariums...
Basically I have a 60Litre tank, with Flourish; Iron, Potassium, Excel and Flourish comprehensive.
Generally, I dose approx. 1mL of Excel daily, Iron every second day and potassium every other day. As for Flourish Comp. - I dose that usually twice a week approx. 1mL also...
I was wondering if this is enough, too much, not enough? My plants look to be slightly better - considering I have only been dosing for about 2 weeks, and have had the plants for about 6 months without ferts... :roll eyes:
any noob advice would be highly appreciated!
Also most of my plants are light green (amazon sword, Java fern, Myrio, with dark veins and the the leaves on the taller plants (near the light) are bright yellow... I can send photos if needed. Otherwise the liquid fert info. would be best info.!
Also any ideas to what lighting I should be using for a 60L tank (18watts) enough? 30cm deep, 60cm wide, 30cm to the back.
Thanks in Advance!
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