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Do you dose macros and micros the same day? How do you break down your dosing and please explain why to help me better understand. I really have had my macro numbers and CO2 dialed in but I don’t feel I understand a correct Plantex dosing routine.

Right now I am dosing micros 3-times a week on off days of macros but I am in the dark for the amount. I have been using 3 doses of 3 ml per week for my 55 gallon. That is from a 2 tbsp to 500 ml stock solution with 1 tbsp of Magnesium Sulfate.

Because I feel I am in the dark with Plantex I have been thinking of switching over to TMG. At least there I would have a label. Any comments on the results between the two?

Thanks in advance for your comments and help.
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