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Who knows what the right level of Fe is?

I think the problem you are facing is that no one really knows what is the right level of Fe!
Fe has very complex water chemistry. If you throw in 0.1 ppm of Fe in your tank it will go away almost instantly. At ordinary pH, Fe+3 and Fe+2 will precipitate out as their respective oxides. Typically people add chelating agents like EDTA to help keep the Fe in solution. Even with these, the Fe eventually precipitates out into the substrate. Now you see that the longer you can keep Fe in solution, the less you have to use but there is a trade off. You have to add more Chelating agents and keep the pH as low as possible.
Now here is another point. The Fe that precipitates out into the substrate is not gone! Most rooted plants have the ability to extracted Fe out of the substrate. This is how they get Fe in real life since there are no chelating agents in nature. Having Fe in your substrate is not at all a bad thing; since, the plants can use it or not and it is not contaminating the water environment.
My feeling is that it doesn't matter a lot whether you add 1.5 or .15 ppm per week as long as you do 20% - 30% water changes as well.
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