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Double Angelfish Spawning

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I've been keeping and breeding angelfish for 20 years or so. This week I saw something that I've never seen before. I recently purchased 5 large silver angelfish with the hopes that I'd get a breeding pair. A few months ago two paired off and claimed the right-hand side of the 46g tank.

Yes, I'll admit - they're a bit crowded in such a small setup. My intention was always to trade or sell the 3 others, but I've sort of grown attached to them all. The pair has been regularly breeding every 3 or 4 weeks. This week I looked in the tank and noticed two separate spawns - one on each side of the tank. No wonder there was so much commotion.

Apparently I have two breeding pair! The poor 5th angelfish is sort of Malcom in the Middle. Each pair has been chasing him back & forth from the right to the left. I suppose I'll have to do something soon. Two breeding pair will never get along in a tank that size.

I haven't tried to raise any of the eggs recently due to time and travel issues. It looks like that needs to be an upcoming project too. Better buy some BBS eggs.

To top it off, I have a Pelvicachromis taeniatis 'Moliwe' female that won't come out of her little cave.
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Everything's coming up babies at your house! How's your wife feeing? She's not sick in the morning is she?... ;)


She isn't..... at least AFAIK. ;)
Awesome. So are you going to leave the babies in there or do you pull them out and put them into a separate tank?
My usual angelfish breeding routine is to remove the eggs to a separate bare-bottom 10g hatching tank. I don't like to move the fry around too much when they're little. Some people use a 2g or 5g hatching tank, but that isn't big enough for early feeding & growout. Once they're big enough that they look like mini angels, they're pretty resilient.

These particular eggs (and all the earlier ones from these parents) were already eaten. I haven't actually raised any since moving back to Idaho 2 years ago.

My "real" goal is to get the parents to raise their young in a heavily planted tank. In order to actually do that, I'll need to find a new home for the others and a find a better place for the breeding/rearing tank. I have a 2 year-old son and that's fairly contrary to keeping them in a nice, quiet environment. :)
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