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Hi guys, to continue with the presentation of my aquariums.

Aquaone 55l. 40 * 40 * 40
Led light home made 6 channel
External filter Eheim 4 250 with 3 liters Eheim Substrate pro
Co2 6 kg cylinder, external reactor
Ph Controller
Aquabasis substrate, Volcano powder, 2-4 gravel and finer sand over
Hardscape dragon stone
Plant Staurogine Repens, Staurogine Porto Vhelo (Stolonifera), Eleocharis Acicularis


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I hate looking at your pics because they are to good.
I'm being serious they are to good.
uuugh.. to much inspiration...
uuugh! lol
Love your pics dude and the tank is look fabulous!
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