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Driftwood good for use or not ?

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A long while back i bought my first somewhat large tank at a rummage sale it was a 45g tall with this piece of driftwood that came along with it. Well i never used it and its been sitting outside for over 2 years and it hasnt rotted out or anything but has developed a small green area. What is this and does it affect anything if i were to use it in my tank.

Also any suggestions on how to use this in an aquascape i cant really think of any great way to use this odd piece of driftwood. I may just cut it up and use it in some of my smaller tanks. But any suggestions are appreciated.

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Wow, that's a unique shape.... You could have fun with it. :D

I've kept pieces of it out for a year or two and have never had any troubles with it. I would assume the green is probably algae or something similar to it. I was going to suggest boiling it before use, but I bet you don't have anything big enough to boil it in. :wink: At any rate, I'd do something (soak, rinse, etc.) before putting it back in the tank.
You could also give it a scrub with a diluted bleach solution and a tuth brush, or something similar. I do this on occasion to wood in my tank to remove stubborn algae and such. IT works well and I have never had any problems. Make sure you rinse it well several times and maybe even use some declorinator on it. The bleach would kill any thing on the wood.

Thats a nice looking peice of wood. Hope you are successful with the scape. Just from the shape I would say it would probably look best positioned so as many of hte branches are sticking up as possible. Take a look at the Amano/Nature style tanks for examples on that:)

pic doesnt show up for me :-(
Just copy and paste the link in your browser if you cant see it. Sorry i have no control over that but soon enough ill invest in a host for my own site and i wont have to worry bout no cheap free hosts.

This piece is too big to boil but ive looked at it again and thought maybe ill just chop off a few pieces and use them in my 10 gallon. I just redid one of my many 10's with sand and im thinking a few pieces of driftwood would look nice in it so ill prolly end up sawing this thing apart.

Thanks for the input.

Or you could sell it and get something that fits better.... :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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