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Driftwood, pH, & C02

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I keep finding reasons to use driftwood in my C02 injected tank. I understand this pretty much invalidates the pH - KH - C02 table. How do others who use driftwood and high pressure C02 manage this issue?

Jay Reeves
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It invalidates the table? :shock:

I have a bit of wood in my tank, this is highly interesting.

Anyone with any info, please let loose :D
Only if the wood is leeching tannin. Most actual ocean driftwood has no tannin. If you boil the wood, it gets rid of the tannin. Just leaving it in the tank, it will eventually stop producing tannin.
Not a big problem unless the wood is rotting, driftwood may leach some tannins in the first few months but not enough to make any drastic change to your PH, actually most of our cheap PH test kits would probably not even be able to test the difference. Of course, if you don't do a water change in several months then the buildup of tannins may start to show a greater drop in PH but that's not the fault of the wood :)

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
OK, so far the consencus is - what me worry :D

Most of the wood I am adding is from the LFS and is usually called "African" root wood or some such. It has a definate circular pattern and sinks NOW. Picked up a piece that is more like a branch, but is very heavy like a exotic. It barely floated and then sank after a few minutes in the bucket. I don't have access to any oceans here in the middle of the continent, however, have grabbed some driftwood from Lake Superior shores. That wood tends to be very light and no amount of coaxing will get it to sink - or so it seems.

Giancarlo, good point about the water changes. Sometimes forget why I do something a particular way.

Jay Reeves
Jay - I have that same african wood in my aquariums, it is great! :D

I think it's like grapevine or mopani wood normally, I just want to tell you that you will want to boil that thing for mb a couple days straight. We are talking about a HUGE amount of tannins in that kind of wood. I boiled my large peice for at least 9 hours, and I still have leeching into my aquarium.

The boiling will also stop the growth of the white fungus that always seems to grow on non-boiled driftwood, it's not harmful, just a bit unsightly.

To reply to that first answer, I thought Jay was talking about the wood invalidating the pH table itself, not just adjusting the pH or acting as a buffer, lol!

Tannins = nice soft water, it just would've been news to me had the wood thrown off the results of the table itself. :lol:
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