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I've been doing pressurized CO2 for a couple weeks now. I just got a drop checker a few days ago. The drop checker kept showing blue so I slowly turned up the CO2 each day. This morning it just started turning green but an hour later my fish are all hanging out at the surface. The drop checker still showed green. I was under the impression that it should have turned yellow before it reached that much CO2. I am glad I was able to catch it in time and was able to turn off the CO2 and turn on my air pump. I am going to dial back the CO2 tomorrow.

Here is how I set it up. Did I do something wrong?

I added 5 drops of low range PH indicator and enough of the 4dKH fluid to mostly fill the drop checker bulb. I then placed the drop checker about midway down on the side of the tank.

BTW, my tank is 90 gallons with 2.4 WPG. It is planted med to heavy with a mixture of fast/slow growing plants. It has been established for a couple months now and the fish and plants are all healthy. I have noticed the very beginnings of BBA so I want to address that with the higher levels of CO2 but not at the expense of my fish.
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