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Ok, somebody help me here...

Chuck's calculator says you need to mix 11 teaspoons into 250ml of water to get a solution that will yield 1ppm @ 1 ml. The target level of KNO3 is 5ppm for a 40g tank. So you'd dose 5ml at a time to get to the 5ppm target, right? can not...CAN NOT dissolve 11 teaspoons of KNO3 into 250ml of water. Or atleast I can't...I shook the bottle until the Lord came here and said "just give up son". So what did I do wrong? It's not hard to figure most of it out if you use this calculator but I can't get that amount to dissolve no matter what I do.

That equation is for Nitrate in Potassium Nitrate KNO3 from the pull-down menu at the top of the calculator.

I haven't even tried anything past this. I assume I could double the water amount to 500ml and keep the 11 teaspoons and just dose 10ml instead of 5 to get to the target of 5ppm in the tank. Is that right? But that puts me in the situation that others have stated...I don't want to keep huge amounts of this stuff sitting around if it'll go bad, if I have to keep it in the fridge and considering I have two small boys. They spell trouble.
The following two charts might be helpful for knowing the solubility in water for some compounds and much more info:[email protected]/Percent.of.mass.htm[email protected]/grams.per.100.litre.per.1.ppm.htm

They're from here.
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