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Dual diffusers

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I was wondering if there was a way to get two diffusers in one tank to run at the same rate. I bought a second tonight and am testing this out before I take the new one and add it to another tank.

I cut the gas line that goes from the cylinder into the tank, and T-valved it off into two equal pieces on the ends of the T-valve, each of which go into a separate diffuser. I just cleaned the old one, but it's running at MUCH less of a rate than the new.


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they make a shut off valve that has a screw in it that you just tighten and it slowly cutts off the flow to one hose. put it on your line with the higher flow rate and adjust accordingly.
I know little about diffusers (or much else in this forum!), but i do know that you may be able to adjust/balance a little bit by changing the 'altitude' ot each diffuser. Does a diffuser have to be near the bottom? If not, maybe moving the one that is not ejecting as much higher will lower the differential pressure?

Just thinking out loud here....

Gas, like most of us, will always follow the path of least resistance. This means that the only way to run two diffusers is to have a needle type valve behind each diffuser adn have a greater working pressure before the valves than the diffusers need. I don't know if a regular ball valve would have the fine adjustment needed to meter the two lines without pmaking you pull out your hair. Having a needle valve(or more correctly a metering valve) for each line would allow you to do this though.

Simpler to do would be to use a power reactor or inline reactor. If you really want to use two diffusers, then they will metering each line is the only way to get them to work the same. Remembr that they will have a lower working pressure this way nad may not be as effective. Better would be to use a manifold after your regulator witha valve and line running to each diffuser. A cheap manifold like mine, seen here would be the least PITA for you. HTH:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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