Hi all! long time no posts!!
I have to thin down my tank and have plants for sale:
Anubias barterii, nice large pieces, $SOLD
Anubias nana "wavy", nice pieces but edges have a bit of bba. don't bother me, but just fyi. $5 per 2 PIECES LEFT
Narrow Leaf Java Ferns, really nice ones, bunchy. 2 clumps for $SOLD
Trident Java Ferns, grows significantly slower than NLJF for whatever reason.. $SOLD
Crypt Affinis Metallic Red, 5 or 6 plants, look really nice, SOLD
All these are fairly easy to keep, attached ferns or anubias to rock or wood, drop and let it grow!
shipping is kinda high.. $7.50-8 bucks a package unfortunately for usps 2-3 days to most of the us. weather in our area is awesome! please keep in mind local weather. payment via paypal, non-gift.

guys, any questions please let me know, thank you!