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Ebay lights from California

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I found these lights on ebay at four for $40.00.

Has anyone had any experience with these lights and have they worked just as good as the $25.00 a peice ones?
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i don't see a brand but hes selling them from my home town my guess is they are catalina brand bulbs we can get them really cheap around here because they are local. they charge about $10 per bulb so actually hes asking the same as if you waled into the store and bought them direct form the manufacturer not bad if you don't live in northern California. they aren't as good as coralife but they'll get the job done
The auction does say they are Catalina Aquarium brand bulbs. They are decent bulbs and the price is definitely good. You might want to get 2 daylight and 2 10,000k if they will let you. All 10,000k will look very blue.
Actually that was just to give you an idea of what I was looking at. I will only be getting the daylight ones.

Actually on another note, do the colormax (pink) bulbs help to add the normal amount of light that ragular bulbs do, ie do they figure in the same with the wpg rule? I like how they look in the tank but I want to keep the current lgihting intensity.

I currently use a 2x65w PC Coralife fixture with a 2x28wT5 Coralife fixture for about 3.5wpg. I was wondering about changing one of the 28w bulbs to a colormax bulb.
I would use the GE Aquarays bulbs over the Coralife Colormax bulbs. They are cheaper and just as good.

They probably don't add to the intensity quite as much, but the difference isn't large.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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