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ebo jager or vis aqua heater

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which one is better? better for a 10g? fully submersable?
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Ebo-Jager, no doubt in anyones mind! They're the most reliable, accurate and durable submersible heaters out there. Of course titanium heaters are more durable, but they come at a cost. If there's one thing you can't go wrong with, it's an Ebo-Jager! :wink:
theyre hard to find for a 10g though.
and whcih aquaclear do you recommend?
Ebo Jager heaters are not the same as they were 2 years ago. They are not manufactures by the same company anymore. I think Visitherm makes good heaters. I've used a cpl in my betta spawn tanks for about 2 years now.
Simpte 27 said:
Ebo Jager heaters are not the same as they were 2 years ago. They are not manufactures by the same company anymore.
Yup.... Almost all of us swore by the Ebo's a couple of years ago, but since they were taken over by someone else, almost all of the same people have had failures since then.

I've moved on to titanium heaters since then, but for such a small tank they wouldn't be practical (nor available). For the smaller tanks I've had very good luck with the Thermal compact heaters.
I've had E-J's for years and never had an issue. Bought one, mind you this os but one, in April. Been using it submerged completly and it has condensation inside.

Also been using the Titanium ones, will keep using them and phase out all the glass ones.
so all you guys are saying buy the vis one right?
Sorry about the confusion, I never bought the "new" Ebo-Jagers. All of mine are 4-5 years old. Check out:, the Visi-Therm isn't rated that good. You should go with the Pro-Heat(also titanium), it has an external controller...the Pro-Heat II has a digital thermostat and controller.

If you're looking where to get it, it's at
All of my older Ebo's are still going strong too. The latest one I bought had condensation inside of it within a few months (which of course is a very dangerous situation). I've had other newer ones that just don't maintain a steady temp, so I've replaced them as well. Last year a friend had one that didn't shut off over night and fried a tank of beautiful Angels. :(

As for the Visi therms, they don't have a good track record for reliability either, so as the others said, you should check out some of the others recommended. You don't want to take chances when it comes to something as relatively low cost as a heater. It could affect your safety as well as your fish and plants.
Hmmm, I'm getting a case of buyers remorse now. I just bought some new Jagers. Hope I don't have problems. The old ones were great though, absolutely no problems.
what does the condensation you guy are talking mean? and you guys are fully submersing the new ones even when it says to the water line?
It means the moisture is entering the inside of the heater when it isn't supposed to (they are supposed to be fully sealed so water can't get in), and now the water is exposed to the electrical elements.
The water line is the minimum you can let the water in your tank drop to before it is exposed to air and will malfunction. You have to keep them fully submersed so the top of the heater is below the water level, and if it gets down to the "water line" you need to add more water, or move your heater down.
so it is completely submersible the way your putting it.
Yes. So have you decided on what you're going with?
im still stuck... ebo seems dangerous. vis aqua looks good but lasts for a short period..... i don't like any other heater...
What's wrong with the titanium Pro-Heat. Built to last.
none for the 10 g from where im ordering from..
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