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none for the 10 g from where im ordering from..
I haven't gone thorugh this whole thread yet so someone else might have posted this already.

Here's a 50W Pro-Heat model:

WON Pro-Heat IC Heater 50 W - Marine Depot - Marine and Reef Aquarium Super Store

Ken's Fish also has them. I didn't check prices today because there are server issues at Ken's right now.

There are other brands out there, also. I like Rena heaters, with the silver plated thermostat contacts, but a few people have had issues with them.

If you have only one or a few tanks, the cost of the titanium heaters with outboard controls, even the digital ones, are probably not a concern. I will be replacing my existing heaters with those over time or as they fail.

We've had ones sold at Wal Mart last a year or two before they fail or get water inside. One of those we still use as an emergency heater for a quarantine tank or as a backup while we replace a failed heater.

Our Hydor Theo 300W heater in the 100 gallon is working well but I don't remember how far back in time we got it. I haven't heard of many complaints about that brand.

There is an advantage to the titanium heaters with outboard controllers and a separate sensor. Since the sensor is not inside the tube, it will reflect actual water temps more accurately. And, since you don't have a rotatable know to waterproof, it can be sealed much more effectively to prevent leakage. I would prefer glass so that I can see if it is leaking, but it probably is not an issue with these.

One plus for the Visitherm deluxe is that it has a lifetime (?) warranty. But if your fish die because of a failure, that's not going to replace your fish.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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