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JanS said:
It means the moisture is entering the inside of the heater when it isn't supposed to (they are supposed to be fully sealed so water can't get in), and now the water is exposed to the electrical elements.
The water might have gotten when the product was manufactured. Maybe the water was trapped in there when it was produced due to humid conditions at the factory (?). I have had an ebo jaeger with condensation run for almost 4 years now. My oldest one must be close to 10 years now.

I would recommend E-J's over the visitherm. I worked in a fish lab and at an aquarium store. Little issues with the E-J's at the store but we had visitherms breaking almost every week in the lab. Ironically though the fish were never fried (Maybe there is a fail safe mechanism built inside?) and the temperature in those tanks was never constant ranging from luke warm to "is that thing working?" cold. It is sad what happened to the angels though.

For those that like the older models I found this site whom might be clearing them out:

I'm pretty sure they're the old ones because of the pictures. But I ordered a 250 watt which should be in on friday and can confirm for sure.

1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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