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Eclipse 6 Tank Setup For Sale

Setup Includes:
- Lights
- Filter
- Thermometer
- Heater
- 50/50 Flourite and Gravel

Extra Goodies Include:
- Kent Botanica "Vita" Broad Range Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
- Kent Botanica "Fe" Bio-available Iron Supplement for Aquatic Plants
- Kent Botanica "K" Potassium Supplement for Aquatic Plants
- Seachem Flourish Excel
- Carbon Filter Cartridges

Asking for $40. Price is negotiable and trades are welcome. Price is based on the items listed above. Driftwood and Plants are extra, but at a package price. Please PM if you have an interest. A new Eclipse 6 tank goes for $55+ without any mineral supplement, heating products or gravel in petstores and online.
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