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Eco-Complete come with snails?

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About 2 months ago, I started a 10 gal with the Eco-complete. I added unknown plants that I
had had for at least 6 months and a Betta that I have had about as long. After about 6 weeks
I find dozens of small flat snails clinging to the back of the tank with some on the plants.
Eco-Complete claims their product is snail free as the substrate itself comes from a dessert. Where
did the snails come from. There had been none present when the plants were in a different tank as well as known living with the betta. Anyone else have snail appear from the thin air?
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All of my snails came from "thin air". It's possible that they could have come from the ecocomplete, but not very likely. I would guess there were eggs on the plants just sitting and waiting for the right conditions to hatch in. (Then again, I've never known snail eggs not to hatch just because of the environment they are in....don't even know if it's possible for hatching to be delayed... ) .

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