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So, I'm Planning this new set-up from scratch. a 75G with a "natural substrate (Sand over Peat, Redart Clay and sand mix). I was in the intro with the basic Idea which is in further development. So I have a question. Kuhli Loaches - How will they affect the substrate? I will be planning a variety of hidiong places in the set-up as I was going to have about 3 - 6 of them.

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Re: Affect of Kuhli Loach on substrate question

Sorry for hijacking wes.pastor's topic..
No sweat, I believe the general Idea is to share information. Right now for me it's all accedemics. I will be journaling the over-all plan and its changes as time goes on. Right now the tank will ne be set-up until later this fall.

The plan so far:

• aquarium type: Glass
• Gallons: 75
• dimensions:
Height: 20" (Top to Bottom)
Width: 18" (Front to Back)
Length: 48" (Wide)
• Lighting: 270 Watts Fluorescent
• Co2 system: complete details: None
• Substrate: Natural (Sand / Peat / Vermiculite / Clay ) mix with white sand covering all. To a varied depth of 2 - 6 inches
• Water temp: 78 - 80 degrees
• Driftwood: how many pieces? How large?) 1 Medium Piece
• Planting preference: Light to Moderate

Filtration will be mechanical only from an Eheim 2215 which will provide water movement too.

I'm working on a plant list for now. When I have settled on the types of plants then I will look into the hood and lights parts right its 20% higher because of light fade the eye cannot see.

I want to see about 40 - to 70 plants some the same some different.

Back to the Kuhli question. I was hoping to use these as snail control. I want to keep snails in the tank but I don't want to have an army of them.8-[

I will start a new thread to show my set-up and construction as I actualy start collecting the equipment and stuff:cool:
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