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Eheim 2213

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I removed the spray bar from the Eheim 2213 input tube and allowed the water to flow in without it attached. I did this because the spray bar seemed to cause more turbulence in the water----actually it caused a whirl pool which I did not like----too much water movement on the surface. As anyone esle experimented with moving the input tube and found one system is better than another. There are so many water filtration systems on the market and I am not sure what type of "entry" system is best aquatic plants. I certainly don't want my plants in a whirl pool or under a water fall. I thought about adding a larger size diameter tubing to reduce turbulence----or do I want turbulence for better water filtration????
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turbulance causes co2 to exit the tank much faster and you end up pumping more to the tank. one way that I use for years is to direct the water flow towards the front glass,blasting on it so turbulance is can choose how much surface agitation you want by raising or lowering the exit hose.If you choose to much agitation you will lose co2 too much.If you choose too little the oxygen levels will drop if you don't have enough plants.A small agitation in the corner would be ok for both.As far as I know currents have no significant benefit to plants.
On my 2213 I attached two like spraybars together and ran them along the back of my 29 gallon tank about an inch or so under the water. This gives a nice flow to the entire tank without much surface agitation. Works great.
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