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If you use a spraybar a 2217 will probably be ok. It'll certainly be big enough. For comparison, I use a 2215 on a 46g with good results.
If he does, he could make the holes in the spraybar a little larger. I think left as is it would push way too much water. I have one on my 180 pushing from the left to right, it moves water almost 18" squirting out.

Oh Oh Oh!

He could also tone it down to the flow of a 2215 by doing one of two things. 1: Use it with a 2215 impeller or 2: Remove every other blade on the existing impeller. The two are interchangeable. The only difference it the one in the 2215 has 3 blades and the 2217 has 6.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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