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Eheim Diffusor?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a new Eheim CO2 diffusor?

Tried Aquarium Guys. Waited 4 weeks then canceled the order (terrible customer service!).
Tried Dave Gomberg. His price is twice as much. I was willing to pay it, but he sure doesn't make it easy to buy something. (Fax number on his website is wrong, can't seem to get correct fax number. Doesn't take charge cards)

Anybody know anywhere else (or have one for sale)? I want a new one, I already have a used one.

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thanks! ever use them?
No prob. I haven't used them before though Eheim makes quality stuff (normally). It looks easy to clean and that is a big bonus.
sorry- I meant the place- have you ever used them?

I have the Eheim diffusor that I've been using for quite a few years and it's great (I need a replacement).
lol oops. Yes I have used before and I would recommend them. I've actually bought a lot of stuff from them. In fact I bought a regulator from them today two hours ago. Just keep in mind sometimes shipping can take up to a week because they are located in South Dakota and getting a package takes a little while. But their customer service is great and so is the stuff they sell.
that sounds good to me!
I'll call tomorrow-
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