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ah another resident of the isolated rock. nice purchase. i would have gotten the 3e if it was available when i started my 120g. got a 2026 instead and it works great. of all the features, the trapped air removal is the one i would want most. primming my 2026 is no problem, but i need to jiggle and tilt the damn thing side to side to remove the air or the impeller just free spins. happens every time i clean it, and yes i know how to prime them, i have 8 other eheim's on other tanks but they are the classic series and dont seem to have the trapped air issue as much. one thing i noticed with all ehiems is that they are great biological filters, but not so good at mechanical (water polishing). you can put in fine mesh pads to help with this, but they just plug up faster, and you have to clean the filter. the main advantage of eheims, to me anyway, is that you only clean them once a year or so. breaking down and cleaning a large filter is NOT something i look forward to at all. i tend to stock my tanks pretty densely with fauna, so the water just doesnt stay crystal clear. just too much fine debris (fish crap, etc) that goes right thru the eheim, so i use a magnum HOT with the carbon cartrige stuffed full of filter floss or the micron cartrige to mechanically keep the tanks crystal clear. i just have to change the cartrige on the HOT every few days to a week as it plugs up. i could reduce the number of fish, but the family likes the fish, and could care less about the plants.....
A 2026 for a 120 high stock? no wonder you have debris floating around. I have a 2026 on my 55 and keeps my tank crystal clear. Like you said cleaning once a year is awesome.

Back to the OP,
If I could afford a pro3 I would buy one, they look amazing!
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