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I thought I would chime in here. brighty K is right that it is to large for your size tank but if your looking to go bigger down the line I have found it to be a very nice filter. I especially like the bio-funtions and use the 12 hous cycle on my tank but wish it had the temp gauge and heater but I understand that these things have to sell and the cost would be to extrvigant to afford. I also like the flow rate and cleaning scedule. I have a busy life like anyone and to have this fuction is actually pretty nice. I also think that the quick disconnect hose adapter is so much better than before. All you have to do is power off, move the lever from left to right to seal the water in the lines, press the red botton and click it's off and ready to go. After maintainence you reverce the order and it's really that easy. I have a 125gl tank and after all the hardscaping I end up with about 105-110 galllons of water and this unit is perfect for the job.

As for the baskets there's no difference than any other filter just dont over fill them. You really don't need as much media as you think. The fact that you have a mess when you remove the top is again no differnet the other filters out there but what I like about this model is the large handels to carry the three gallons of water to the tub or sink and the fact that they snap together very easy without the worry of breaking the plastic hinges is teriffact. Eheim pumps are great pumps but there return lines suck and the fact that you should buy there after market return kits is bad deal. Fluval has some nice pumps that don't cost as much with grey/black return lines and nice pumping action and for your fifty gallon set up this is all you need.

From what I have gathered so far is no one seems to be happy about the baskets on any filter system but that is the nature of the beast. Just don't over fill them and fill them with three things ceramic tubes, carbon and plactic mesh for water polishing and all will be good.
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