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Hello friends,
Im thinking on setting up a Tanganyika tank using "El Natural" method.
Heres my equips:
Aquarium 35x17x17 inches
Light bulbs 2x15 watts
Substrate 3 inches sand (aragonite sugarsize)
Small powerfilter to keep water clean (only sponge)

Im thinking on putting Riccia Fluitans as a floating plant. Can this plant by itself handle the waste of a small colony of shelldwellers and a pair of rockdwellers fed 3 times per week.
Will Riccia block all the light making me unable to put plants on the sand like Java Ferns and Vals?

The ultimate objective is to have the less maintenance as possible, making it as self "sustainable" as it can be.

Best regards
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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