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I am always interested in something new that one of my competitors has, and how much of a market there is for it. You guys are brutal! :eek:

So does anyone see any advantages to having this instead of a solenoid or instead of a needle valve? From what they are saying this is more acurate and has no pressure drift. Even the best needle valve has some drift, or change in pressure causing you to have to re-ajust the needle valve. I can see that as somewhat of an advantage if its true. I do not see any benefit in having this replace a solenoid, and I do not know if you can still plug this into a timer or pH controller like you can a solenoid, or maybe I just missed that, but even if it can, how is this better than a solenoid? It mentions it has no heat like a solenoid has. Newbies are often paranoid about heat frm the solenoid, but I never knew it was really an issue.

I think the funniest think about that link is that after selling only 10,000 of them the price will go Is there business really that large? Also it says the product has changed CO2 introduction so if they have not even shipped 1 yet?
I don't think even Milwaukee sells that many units in one year, or any other major manufacturer, and AP couldn't come close to Milwaukee.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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