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Eleocharis acicularis vs Eleocharis parvula: will the real hairgrass please stand up?

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I'm in the beginning stages of a major rescape in my 46g bowfront. For a long time now, I've had a forground of e. tenellus red/micro. As part of the rescape, I'm planning to pull it out and go with dwarf hairgrass. People tend to use both eleocharis acicularis and eleocharis parvula as foreground plants, and both are referred to as "dwarf hairgrass".

What are the differences between the two? I'm looking for the shortest that grows the fullest.
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You want E. parvula. It's shorter (2-3 inches, tops) and a bit lighter green than E. acicularis. There's an unidentified species that's shorter still ('Belem'), but I've not kept that one.
E.Belem is a great plant as long as you have higher light. It grows in runners much like the tenellus does. Just 10x's smaller.
theres also e. japan that is supposed to curl its leaves back into the substrate. i wish i could get my hands on it but its tricky to find.
anyone know where i can get some e. belem?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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