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Eleocharis parvulus questions.

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Concerning the Eleocharis

How much light do they need? (I have a 75 gal /w/ 220W 6500K PC).

What kind of substrate do they need?

(My tank has one 40 lb bag of flourite, along with 40lbs regular gravel with laterite mixed in. I am going to add an additional 20lbs of sand).

My tank currently has fish in it, and I am trying to rework it as to have a nice bed of eleocharis in the forground. So far all I have is some pieces of driftwood with Java fern attached and some Java moss growing on rocks. (I have clown loaches so I might design a "cage" to place over the eleocharis so it doesn't get uprooted).

I use RO/DI and have not used Co2 as of yet (the tank is only half full-paludarium style with two mangrove seedlings) so I hope to get away with a pop-bottle Co2 unit. Should I also switch to Tap?

Tank has Eheim 2213 classic as filtration.

Right now I am trying to fight the algae, because my tank doesn't have a great deal of plants, so I need some more plant cover to compete with the algae.
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Eleocharis takes better with a sandy top to the substrate. It looks like you're all set with what you have. But soda-bottle DIY CO2 might not be enough in that size aquarium. You have fairly high light and might run into algae problems. Consider acquiring a pressurized CO2 system. It will save you a lot of heartache.

Andrew Cribb
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