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Ermersed Growth is the industry standard for aquarium plants being shipped to customers for especially stem plants.
We currently have two nursery locations, our newest addition is 1200 SQ FT. with almost all stem plants, we grow them submerged with good light, CO2, nutrient levels are checked, water changes are done biweekly. NONE have algae! Colors are vibrant and growth is robust. Our submerged growth stem plants when shipped to the customer have nutrient reserves and arrive at your door in perfect condition. I guarantee you will see the difference immediately!
Check out our customer comments at Customer Testimonials for FreshwaterAquariumPlants.Com real comments from real customers! And if you have questions about aquarium plant setups that you seem to get ten different answers for, call 507-331-5801 and ask for Don or send us an email, we can seperate the myths from reality! (I see a lot of bad advice on message boards)
If you are looking for quality in the aquarium plants and expertise in an aquarium plant company, then give us a try.
As to CO2 tubing, silicone gets brittle and cracks with continued CO2 use. Regular airline tubing leaks like a sieve. We provide CO2 proof tubing that is made for that purpose and does not leak, is flexible enough to use in an aquarium setting, and does not cost a small fortune.
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