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Emersed Kleiner Bar sword

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got a baby kleiner bar from Marc at (THANKS!) and thought I'd try it out emersed. This is 13 days growth. Using potting soil, natural sunlight and 100% humidity

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Kleiner Bar are great for growing emersed. I've had a couple do really well under 4x 40w T-12 in moist soil.


I just ordered one. I have been looking for one ever since I read about it in Kasselmann's book.

Why did you decide to grow your baby emersed instead of putting it in one of your tanks?

Looks good! Keep us updated on how it progresses. Will swords put out new plantlets growing emmersed?
Yes they do. I have seen pictures at tropica where swords are LOADED with plantlets.
That klenier was a baby off of the main plant. The plant is much bigger when grown emersed.

yup goes the proud parents? ;)

The babies now have all emersed leaves and are growing in normal california air. I do mist from tme to time, but not much. Growth is kinda slow now...especially since they don't get a lot of light (might move them to a higher light area sometime soon). ...and since the critters at my house like to climb up where the plants are...dig in the soil ...and knock them over onto the floor!!! :evil: ...more than once.

pets....sometimes you love em..other times you ...ummm..don't love them as much :p
Mom and pops are doing good.
Still throwing on little guys here and there.
The little ones are nice red now to.
Also for those of you who don't know this plant turns a nice red when grown under water ( submersed )
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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