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I am 1 1/2 weeks into growing emersed HC for a Iwagumi setup. the HC is growing, although more up than to the side, but I hope it will spread more soon. In a few more weeks I will flood it and put Hairgrass in the back. ultimately it will have HC, Hairgrass, dowoi and maybe blyxa japonica. I would like advice in flooding it with the least amount of initial algae. I will start out CO2 pretty high before fish introduction. I am thinking maybe to put a bunch of water lettuce initially to suck up the excess nutrients. Also thinking of very short light periods initially.
Does anybody have advice after flooding the tank started emersed. Photo period, waiting on nutrients. I am willing to start slow but down want to starve out the HC.
Its Aquasoil, though which may allow survival with lean initial nutrients.
I will be dosing EI with appropriate CO2 when its stable though.
thank you for your advice.
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