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enough Ca & Mg

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My tap water contains 26 ppm of calcium and 6 ppm magneesium,and a gh of about 3 degrees.Does this seem like enough for a heavily planted,high light/co2 tank? I do weekly 50% water changes so is that enough or should I add some of the Kent GH+ I have at water changes too? Thanks,
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o.k., thanks, Edward. I guess I missed that post!
So how much Ca is actually used compared to for example NO3? Ca:NO3-uptake?

We all know you should dose 0.1:10:1:20 in Fe:NO3:pO4:K, but it would be nice to know the amount of Ca-upake also?
Hi defdac

The Ca and Mg uptake is so different in every aquarium, depending on plant specie, light and so on, that it requires monitoring and maintaining proper levels. You can find details in the Water hardness, magnesium and calcium article here
From my experience keeping Ca stable I have to dose around 10 - 20 ppm every 2 weeks. Mg uptake differ even more then Ca and needs monitoring.

That is somewhat my experience too. I have wonderful fast growth but in some species I still get curly new leaves, especially in new growth of my Ludwigia glandulosa, and it doesn't seem to help how much I dose of CaCl2 (and all the others).

But I've honestly been slacking in Mg-dosage lately because I though my tap had enough.

My last dosage regimen is like "Only dose up the Ca and Mg-levels after each wc, and then dose KNO3+KH2PO4+Micros for the whole tank volume three-four times a week depending upon plant pearling".

Should I instead dose Ca+Mg with each dose throughout the week?
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