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How do I know that I reached an equilibrium in my tank regarding it's parameters? for example : if I have 2 wpg and I increase it at 1 point in time to 4 wpg, is there any equation that I can use to know the exact amount I need to increase in fertilizers and co2 etc?

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You could make a program to do it easy enough, it would be based on light intensity mainly.

But the problem is that measurement. It varies widely and there is no suitable instrument to measure light for plants that is cheap. Saying w/gal is tricky also. If you added nice reflectors, none, white paint in hood, inches above water, color type, bulb type(PC, MH etc etc etc etc), then you could get reasonably close.

Then plant types and density
Water temp

Generally, you can keep and dose close to the same amounts of ferts at high light and at low light(you can guess and add a little less).
CO2 is fine at 20-30ppm at low and at high light and the richer levels actually make the low light tank that much more robust and healthier wereas if you try and push the limits and have 10-15ppm, you can still get away with it, but there is less wiggle room and more chance for errors.

Using the max level of light so that nothing runs out is a good ruler, then you know the plants have enough even at higher levels, so it's safe to assume they have more than enough at lower light also.

And when the plants are growing well, the algae does not.

Tom Barr
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