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Hi all. Long time lurker here. Finally decided to post after starting up again. This is a 20l with super high lighting, so method dosing with to water (for Taiwan bees).

Now for the tank specs:
High tech, ei dosing (dry macros 3x, flourish comp 5ml 3x/wk, .5ml flourish iron everyday.
Derimmed 20l Finnex 24/7 Beamswork DA 6500k DIY 5" acrylic raisers
Ada aquasoil
Eheim 2215
Weipro ph controller (the worst, no longer used)
eBay co2 regulator solenoid (not bad so far)
Sun sun inline heater
eBay in-line co2 atomizer
Marina breeder box
Ro water remineralized with salty shrimp

Dwarf baby tears
Staruogyne repens
Blyxa japonica
Ar mini
L. Aromatica mini
R. Macrandra variegated.
R. Ramisor florida
Syngo belem
Red downoi
L. White
Tonina lotus blossom
R. Indica
Pogostemon erectus
L. Senegalensis
Blyxa alternafolia (so hard to grow but starting to look great)
Hydro corymbosa siamensis

20-30 Bloody Mary shrimp
10 mixed Taiwan bees
7 nerite
Random ghost shrimp babies from when I bought adults but removed them since they were eating plants.
3 otos

Here are the current pics. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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