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Still trying to figure my camera out, but here's two pictures of my tank (one with flash and one without):

Fish: 5 Neon Tetras, 1 Guppy, 1 Oto Cat, and 3 Julii Cory Cats
These fish were the brave survivors of my error of forgetting to cycle the tank.

Plants: 2 Banana Plants, 6 Amazon Swords, 1 Dwarf Baby Tears, 1 Aponogeton Ulvaceous, 1 Green Foxtail, 3 Water Wisteria, A few unidentified (most likely terrestial) sword plants
These plants are the survivors of reflector-less low lighting, several bad batches of DIY CO2, and lack of fertilization.

The aquascape is horrendous to say the least, I need tips from all the seasoned pros here.

As far as the tank status goes, the water chemistry is finally good so I can add fish again. The plants are being fertilized and my CO2 is working. The Aponogeton is without a doubt the star of my tank. It regularly grows three leaves a day and now how a flower at the surface waiting to open!
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