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Eriocaulon sp *Thailand* not Cinereum

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Eriocaulon sp *Thailand* not Cinereum **no more sales for now**

$16 shipped ea. Shipping will be combined if necessary.

The plants shown below are not the ones being sold but are being displayed to show what is possible when Thailands grown to it's fullest potential.

For sale are small 1½ x 1½" plants maybe a tad bigger.

I have big hands BTW :)

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Thanks for the comp''s answered.
ur PM box is full...I am interested in a few please if available?

Tried to send PM
Payment sent. non-cc paypal. Thanks again.
Sorry guys, box is now cleared so please resend.
Sent PM. I really want one of these.
I'm holding off all sales for now until I get a recount of how many Thailands (if any) I have available.
good to go :thumbsup:
That looks great... any more for sale? Or save me one or two, we can just trade.
I'll be happy to trade with you....let me know when :)
Erio arrived in perfect condition. Amazing packaging! Thanks again.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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