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Eriocaulon sp *Thailand* not Cinereum

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Eriocaulon sp *Thailand* not Cinereum **no more sales for now**

$16 shipped ea. Shipping will be combined if necessary.

The plants shown below are not the ones being sold but are being displayed to show what is possible when Thailands grown to it's fullest potential.

For sale are small 1½ x 1½" plants maybe a tad bigger.

I have big hands BTW :)

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Always good to hear of my plants arriving in good shape! Thx Jeff.:p:.!
More *Erio Thailands* to go
got my Erios yesterday...good packaging and good deal..thanks!
Hi mrkookm,

You have some very nice looking plants with a unique foliage form. What conditions do they require? Where would you suggest I start to learn more? Thank you.
It's not one of the pickier Erio so most will do well with this one.

5KH or below, GH up to 12, low/med/high lighting, consistent fert routine & consistent co2.
Unexpected sale due to me trying to regain some real estate for new cuttings.

I have a *few* Thailands available that will go out tomorrow in the AM for Friday ~ Saturday delivery.
all gone.
what are the lighting requirements and does it need co2
mrkookm parameter's

CO2= 35+ppm
pH = <5.2 (RO/DI)
NO3= 10ppm (week)
K+ =40ppm
PO4 = .5ppm (week)
Fe =.2ppm daily
GH =3~4
KH =0~0.5
Temp= 77~79
I ahve a few more Thailands available.
All Thailands sold.
Do you have anymore of that plant? And how much would it be?
[email protected] I no longer keep this plant but you can reach out to coralite for this plant.
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
Not open for further replies.