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On the recent Plantfest trip, run by Tom Barr, we got permission to look at the escaped crypts in a small spring emptying into the Rainbow River at Rainbow Springs State Park. See my picture at Most of the plants appeared to be C. wendtii, but C. beckettii and C. undulata are said to be there, also. See for a report on these crypts by Collette Jacono. The plants were released there some time in the 1970's and have spread to cover roughly 130 meters. To me, they looked a little nitrogen deficient and not as healthy as the C. beckettii in the San Marcos River (see's Page/Aquarium/Expedition 1/Expedition 1_01.html
for pictures of the crypts in the San Marcos River.)

The colony, which has been spreading slowly by runners, is now surrounded by a plastic barrier, and plans have been made to prevent further spread into the Rainbow River by covering the entire area with a tarpaulin until they have all died.
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