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My tap water is quite soft at 2dKH and my TE (Homegrown Hydroponics, Fe 7%, B 1.3%, Mn 2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu 0.1%, Mo 0.06%) does not have any Mg in it.

For a 100L tank, how much would I have to add CaCO3 (or CaCl2) and MgSO47H2O after a weekly 50% WC ? What is the target ppm for Ca and Mg?

For the TE, since my tank is 100L, ie about 26g, I would add 1/16 tsp TE 3x a week. But what does the '5ml' is for when you wrote : '1/16 tsp (5ml) Trace Elements 3x a week' ? Does it mean to dissolve the TE in 5ml of DI and then pour the 5ml into the tank?
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