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just wanted to ask, I see that you added doseing of K2SO4, where on the barrreport Tom doesnt recomend that, and says that in most all cases you get more than enough K from the KNO3.

I have been doing EI for a while now, and have checked CO2 over... and over.... and over again..... I have tried MANY different ratios of this and that which are supposed to be best.... with still less than desirable outcome. Fianally after reading through some other post and looking at the history of problems I have had, which have been the same all through this time of trying different ratios of Ca to Mg and adding more Iron than should ever be needed to try to get new growth to come in a nice green. I decided that maybe.... just maybe I didnt have enough K and that was my problem. So i started adding more 3x a week similar to what you have suggested.

This was a few days ago and its still to soon to tell if this is going to help things at alll but I am excited to see if maybe I have fianally gotten to the bottom of things and can start growing healthy plants. So i was just curious to see the reason behind recomending the extra dose of K2SO4? have you found that in some situations K from KNO3 to not be enough?
1 - 1 of 225 Posts
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