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The process of which this is done is simple.
Stick to a good dosing regime and your plants will flourish!
I have no idea if I am doing this right! this is not simple for me. Can someone just check to see if this is correct? I can only dose 5 days a week because tank is a the school I work at.
20 gal tank.
dose 10ml (from 500 ml bottle = 50 doses in a bottle).
3 days of Macro, 2 days of micro, 50% water change a week.

KNO3: 926mg per dose = 46.3g in the bottle
KH2PO4: 180mg per dose = 7.05g in the bottle
K2S04: 1.27g per dose = 63.5g in the bottle
Plantex+B: 232mg per dose = 11.60g in the bottle

And if I wanted to add Calcium Sulfate to the mix for my Mexican Dwarf Crawfish.
and the target is 15ppm CASO4,2H20: 4.88 per dose = 244g in the bottle.

Thank you so much for any help!
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