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Hi there,
I was hoping you could offer some advice for the following tank setup:
Tank: Juwal Rio 240 litre
Lighting: Fluval fresh& plant 2.0 (4.30pm to 5pm ramp up to 80% - 10pm to 10.30pm ramp down)
Co2: Pressurized 3bps (4pm to 9.30pm) mixed with internal co2 reactor.
Tank type: heavily planted jungle tank (Sords,crypts, red lotus, xmas moss etc)
Filter: All ponds solutions efx+ 2000 l/ph
Dosing :uk plant food uk ei dosing

The problem:

I am following your recipe and dosing schedule to the extent of dosing for a 200 litre tank not for the full 240 litre which my tank is. All algae seems to have disappeared, but green spot algae has taken hold on my crypts, swords, aubias and some of the other species and also my red plants dont seem to be as vibrant with stunted and small leaf growth. But only specs on the glass hardly worth worrying about.

I did do i phosphate test, it indecated 40ppm which i dont think is right so i take those results with a pinch of salt.

Any advice hear?

Do I need to dose for the full 240 litres because I am under dosing? Is this a deficiency overall throughtout my tank?
I'm wondering that too.

Great overview! I'm sure I'll be referencing this thread often.. Very simple to understand.

75 Gallon Fish Tank
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