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Here are some pictures of my new scape. I started it in august, but still not finished.
Did a rescape today.
I only need some more HC and some stem plants like Rotala and aromatica's in the left rear corner.
The Hc has to fill up the front and the gap between left and right.

tank: 100x40x50 (180 liters)
Light : 2 x t5 45 watt 2 x t8 30 watt
CO2: 2L diy
Filter:Eheim 2217 1000l/h


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Well, even if it is not in its final form for a contest, you still have a couple months for the deadline. ;) (Besides, for a potential $350,and 3 other prizes, it'd be crazy to not even try. :eek: )

The rotala adds a very nice touch and gives extra dimension to the scape. Nice job.
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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