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evan more plants from 5/27 trip

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Like the title says..Jimjim


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Do you have a better picture of juncas repens? It looks sttractive from what i can tell.
Juncus repens pics

Sorry Shane, my photo skills are still on an upward curve(nowhere else to go). See the pics on ID these plants please posted by me earlier...Jimjim
I looked at them. You did get about 900 times better.
better photo

Shane; I'm practicing, try this shot...I'm still having trouble getting the focus right on this camera...Jimjim


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Thats pretty good if you ask me. I am really bad at taking pictures also... your better than me. That is a good looking plant. do you know if it grows in Florida by any chance? Is it way different looking emmersed?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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