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So, today, for class, we got to run around a marshy/freshwater inlet habitat on Lake Michigan and collect all the organisms we could find. The spot was about a 30 minute walk from my dorm room. It was loads of fun.

Even in this small pocket of wilderness in the middle of the city, I could find plenty of plant life. I found a bullrush named Scirpus americanus, the large Northern Water Lily (Nymphaea tetragona), and an attractive, small, brick colored Myriophyllum species. Not a whole lot, but it's something. :D

I will be growing out the red Myriophyllum species in my 10g and assessing its possibility as an aquarium plant. It only grew within a small pool of crystal clear water fed by a small spring. Apparently, the inlet proper was far too dirty for this species. I suspect it is simply nitrate deficient Myriophyllum spicatum. However, from the key given to us, there are _MANY_ species of aquarium plant yet to be discovered right in the United States --about a dozen species of Myriophyllum alone.

It could also be the northern milfoil (M. exalbescens).

I will take photos!

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