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Ever see an unstable needle on the working pressure gauge?

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Has anyone ever noticed the working pressure needle pulsating every second or so? What does this mean?

I've never seen it happen before, the reg I noticed this on is one of those cheap Aquateks from ebay that are basically a JBJ design, I think, made to look kind of like a single stage Victor Medalist, the working pressure is permanently preset somewhere around 30, mine is jumping between 30 and 34-ish.

So far this cheap little reg has done me fine, hope this isn't a sign of a problem.
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funny you should mention it. i noticed that yesterday on my milwuakee regulator...don't know what it means but as long as the bubbles keep on coming i'm not all that concerned:D.
How much [email protected] is in the tank. As tanks get closer to running out they seem to become less reliable as far as regulating 100% efficiently.
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