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hi guys, yes its me again!
this time round this tank is scaped for my new type of fish.
keeping mini-monster fish for this tank. that will be the Channa Bleheri.

heres the tank specs :
Tank size : 60x30x36.
lighting : 36watt PL
substrate : Tetra base fert with lapis sand.
Temp : 27~
Flora : anubias "nana", normal java fern, philiphine java fern and some crypts,
Fauna :
Now : 3 galaxies, 1 boraras and some malayan shrimps
Later : 2 - 3 channa bleheris and some big tetras and maybe 1 pleco.

this tank uses mature filter media and old water.

heres the tank with ada soil and the plants im using with the old water in it..

the tetra base fert..

after an hour of washing.. due to my tank was with braces.. i cant completely take out all the ada soil.. some were left there.. and added in the tetra base fert.

10kg of washed lapis sand went in..

the 4 wood i had..

hard scape 1.. basically just simply anyhow place them..

plants went in..
the part where you see the crypts.. i might change tthem to nana on wood.. but if i do so.. the base ferts seems to be useless since i don't have any rooted plants anymore...

phew.. tiring! filling water..

heres 3 picture with differnt wood position.. (the rotala is there just to be the nutrients sucker.. as well as the bamboo charcoal)

first.. the most hiding space.. but not much open space for swimming.. weirdest scape too.

2nd.. clean! but not as much hiding space..

third.. i pretty much like this..

end of the day.. i might stick with 2nd or 3rd.. need some comments!
sorry for the lousy picture.. took me a total of 4 hours to do this scape and cleaning up.. tired!

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thanks guys..
day 2 of set up.
driftwood leeched tanins which made the tank slight tea colour.. kinda suits the scape though..
what i bought today.. bolbitis and baby java fern

first time keeping bolbitis.. is this healthy?

my small philphine java fern.

the cover...(front part not done yet, need some clips.)

and lastly.. the full tank shot.

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the faunas in the tank are :
Channa bleheri : current size 3 - 4 inch.
max size around 5 inch.
Albino Short bodied Senegal : current size 3inch, max size around 6 inch.

windfish, your area's LFS does not carry snakehead?

anyway, channa bleheri have another name too..the Dwarf rainbow snakehead.
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