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EvolutionZ's 2ft mossy tank.

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hi forumners sharing my new 2ft ocean free mossy tank here.

Tank specs :
Tank : 60x30x36cm ocean free tank.
Lighting : 36watt PL lighting.
Substrate : 8kg GeX red pack soil
Filteration : Atman hf-600 filled with biohome (600l/hr hangon filter)
Temperature : 26 - 27C
Flora : Mini java moss, Spiky moss, Narrow leaf java fern and needle leave java fern.
Fauna : Shrimps(not in yet.)

today is day 3 of set up.
its almost impossible to shift those wood.. because they support each other, if i shift or take out 1, the other 3 will drop.

feels that the wood placement looks weird.. i need more long and short narrow/needle leaf java ferns though..

comments Please.
thanks :D
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I like the placement of the wood, it gives a sense of movement/direction. The darkness of the wood gives a nice contrast to the 'greenery'. With a little more Java and some time to grow, this will be a great looking scape.

Thanks dave, im gonna get more of those java ferns.
Thanks jeff for the link, but i don't locate in LA but im at singapore..
thats a nice tank you got there ;) That moss will be amazing :)
edit: whats mini java moss look like? I have heard of mini taiwan moss.....
thanks foofooree.. have to wait for at least 2 months for the moss to mature.
This is going to be a very beautiful tank!

In my opinion you should not let the moss completely grow over the wood. Some of the wood should be visible, not just a big hairy moss shape.

Also I think that if you encounter any algae problems you can run the lights only 1 hour a day and everyting will get back to normal. The fern and the moss will be totally fine. This is going to be fun!

What shrimps do you plan on putting in the tank?

Looking forward for updates on that thread.

thanks niko, yea will trim the moss on wood in future when they grow out.

as for the shrimps. most likely it will be cherries and maybe some CRS.
Very pleasant tank that looks like very healthy plants you have, when it's mature will be beautiful. Nice work.
thanks cpark, bought more narrow leaf java fern today. an update coming up later =)
Hi guys, a simple update. bought another 20 leaves of narrow leaf lava fern today(they are so expensive nowadays!)

angle shot

if you have noticed, i placed 6 taiwan moss on pebbles at the back of the tank which have been growing in another tank for some time.

you guys think i still need more ferns for the back?
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hi guys.. added 3 pots of mini nana.. think i need more of them.

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Yeah, much better with the nanas, looks natural sitting around the DW. IMO, think you add more mini nanas around the base of the DW. will be beautiful, Cheers.
yea.. im getting more narrow leaf and nana soon. but they are so expensive! at least to a poor student like me. :p
Wow beautiful!!! I love all the texture, the ferns might fill in by the time the moss does :)
My two cents is that its a good start but a few stem plants in the background would make it far more interesting. I love the wood though.
redstrat, Thanks bro.
St3v3, thanks for your comment but i feel that such a scape.. stem plants will not fit in.. would feel rather weird though..
such a scape.. stem plants will not fit in..
I agree. It's very balanced as it is. The petite nanas are a real nice touch.
hi guys... an update!

changed the filter from an hang on filter to a Ehiem classic 2213 canister filter(440l/hr)

took out all the mini java moss on lava rocks and replaced with more spiky moss on lava rocks(which has been growing for 1month plus in another tank)

Added a total of 6 pots of Nana petite.

and lastly, added 1 pot of hair grass around the moss on lava rocks to give the tank a more natural feeling.

looks pretty messy...

the nana lawn..

angle shot.

comments please.
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