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hi guys, since i have decided to cut down on this hobby, today i shifted the mossy tank from the bottom tier to the top.. and the top tier(for some bichirs) will be sold soon and that tank will be decommed.

this new theme "coasta island" was named because i will be using light colour lapis sand.
wood placement will still be the same.. just the substrate effect and plants would be different.

first, in the morning 9.30am.. start work!
transfer all the 2 tank's water and fish to this 2 big styrofoam box. with the filter running.

clear all the wood and most of the plants out.. leaving all the stupid malayan shrimps inside.. theres no more water already and they still don't want to be caught and transfer to their styrofoam home!

after draining all the water.. swap the 2 tank.. all done by me myself.. hard work man..

lapis sand added.. and Tetra initial stick(base fert) added.. base fert are meant for the crypts.. wood place them back at the same placement.

plants were arranged back.. ready for water to fill it back!

half way done!

added lots of floating plants to suck all the excess nutrients.. tank not fully done yet.. i have yet to collect my taiwan moss to tie to the lava rocks.. and i need alot of crypts too.. i guess the Full tank Shot will be ready in a few days time!

thanks for viewing!

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heres the final tank specs :

tank size : 60x30x36.
lighting : 36watt PL.
co2 : Daily dose of Seachem Excel.
substrate : 8 kg of GeX soil + 8kg of Lapis sand.
Ferts : Tetra Initial Sticks(base fert) and wondergro root+ (maybe get some NPK ferts and micro)
Temperature : 26 - 28C
Filteration system : Dolphin C-700 (800l/hr)
Fauna : 1 pair of Apistogramma Agasizzi "netz", 10 x Brochirs splenden, ~80 malayan shrimps , 4 otos(will add more) and 2 nitrite snail.
Flora : Spiky moss, taiwan moss, Downoi, bolbitis, Nana petite, Narrow leaf java fern, Crypto Wendtti 'green gecko, wendtti ' tropical ', wendtti ' green ' and wendtti 'brown'.

upcoming flora and faunas : Crypto Parva, corydoras Hasbrosus, otos and hopefully a batch of apisto fries.

thanks to uncle richard(boss of colourful) i got some real beautiful downois.
all this from 3 pots of downoi!

moss added..small small lava rocks added for the coasta sand effect..(sorry for this lousy photo) the mass amount of crypts are behind the wood.. cant see them with FTS.. hopefully they can grow long enough to be visible.. if not i might change them to some long crypts.

Downois!!! i love them...

bolbitis.. hope it stay small.

nana... some leaves turning yellow.. still doing pretty good..

new tankmates.. brochris splenden.

next up will be getting wondergro root+ soon.. hopefully everything turn well..
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