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Excel Shipping Problem

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I have been trying to buy a bottle of Excel to experiment with, but it appears that it is now illegal to ship it to California. Even the fish stores here can't deliver it when I order from their websites, nor can Amazon or Ebay. So, I sent a question to a website that sells Metricide 14 to see if it could be shipped to California. Their answer was yes, it can be shipped here. Does anyone know what this is about???
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I didn't see this sooner, but know the answer 🙂

There were changes to regulations in CA and as a result Seachem had to re-register Excel to be compliant, which takes time. Basically they need to re-label bottles sold in CA, once the paperwork goes through and the new labels approved they'll be able to ship to CA again. That's why some stores may still have it on their shelves (they *shouldn't*), but haven't been seeing them in shipments. I imagine the other "liquid CO2" products may be also caught up in this shortly, it all depends on how the labels read. Good ol' CA legislation for ya!
this would make sense since both ca epa and calosha have it listed. ca department of ag website is so bad its hard to find any info.
The API CO2 Booster arrived from Amazon today. I read the label and compared it to the label on Excel: The API label has a longer, more detailed warning paragraph, and the warning seems more serious. I suspect this is why Excel isn't delivered in this state now. But, the API product is virtually the same as Excel, so I'm happy.
Thanks, Hoppy. Was there a cost difference between Excel and CO2 Booster?
Thanks, Hoppy. Was there a cost difference between Excel and CO2 Booster?
The price is about the same for both - both are expensive compared to Metrocide 14. But, Metricide 14 isn't sold in less than gallon jugs.
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