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By "thread algae", I mean these long filamentous green strands seen in this photo. Apologies to IUnknown for the flashback.

At least with this algae, I am fairly confident that NH4 does not play a major role because I have it seen it in perfectly healthy tanks as well as heavily planted new tanks. Instead, I have seen a correlation between over-dosing traces and the occurrence of this algae a few days afterwards. Which trace element? I have no idea. I have Iron Chelate powder that I can use to test if it's excess Fe, but the scientist in me is on vacation. Perhaps someone more daring would partake this endeavor.

My most recent outbreak is in a newly set-up, heavily planted, high light 10G. On day 3 of setup, I dosed 1/32 tsp Plantex CSM+B (0.23 ppm Fe). On day 4, I noticed short hairs on leaves. By day 6, 75% of the tank is covered with these long green threads. :evil:

In my mature high light tank with healthy plant growths, I will also get this progression of short hairs --> long green threads when I dose micronutrients in excess. So now, if I see signs of the short hairs, I cut back on dosing micronutrients.

Coincidence? Paranoia? I would appreciate feedback.
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